Chance & Rocky

Boys and their new digs

Being military, we were transferred to Maryland. All was well for awhile. The boys seemed to enjoy their new digs and we enjoyed the Halloween holiday at Anne Marie Garden, a place here that welcomes dogs with trails throughChance, Rocky and Friend the park and art placed strategically.



Here are the boys posing with one of the displays they had.



And last but not least, here we are ready for our very first trick or treaters!

Chance and Rocky Halloween

Chance and Rocky Halloween

As time went on, my husband wanted to rescue a greyhound. So we researched it and found there was a place locally that adopted them out. We took the boys there to meet the one we picked out to bring home.

Gray and Friends

All seemed to go well and we were allowed to bring Zydeco's Mojo home with us. We call him Jo for short. Considering I had no problem with Chance accepting Rocky and with Jo being such a mild and meek character, we really thought the addition to our family would be easy.

As it turned out Rocky was fine with Jo, but Chance wouldn't accept him no matter what we tried. We just dealt with it and kept them separated and they were only together under supervision. I discussed the situation over with many "dog people" and the greyhound people and even the vet I had at the time. Everyone agreed that if I neutered Chance, then chances were he would settle down and all would be good. So, against my better judgment I agreed and had Chance fixed.

It was a Friday morning when I dropped him off. When I picked him up, I was told he came through great, but would be more sore than usual because their laser was down and they had to do it the "old fashioned way".

When I got Chance home that evening he was still somewhat groggy from the anesthesia, but as he was coming around he seemed listless and in pain, so I did as the vet instructed and gave him baby aspirin, etc. He didn't seem any better by 10pm that evening.

We had only been here for about 6 months and were not familiar with the area. We did not realize the only 24-hour vet hospital was over an hour's drive away. I was starting to panic, so I laid on the floor with Chance, talking to him and petting him, and when I happened to feel his belly I knew right away that my boy was in trouble. His belly was hard and tender and I knew he had bloat. I had my husband on the phone calling to see where we could go, but it was to no avail. Chance died in my arms.

Needless to say, I went absolutely ballistic and there was no consoling me. What a horrible, horrible night and as I write this I am still not over the pain of that fateful day.

The next day my husband had to take my baby boy to be cremated. Poor Rocky had no idea where his buddy was. Even with his bad arthritis he went up and down all the stairs in this house searching every room for his companion. It was heart-wrenching to watch him look for Chance. He was lost just as I was. Chance was only 6 years old when he passed in March of 2005.

Best Buds


But time doesn't stop and the days went on. Rocky eventually acclimated to his new role of being the only Chow in the household. He and Jo got along just fine and we managed.

Now Rocky was 11 at the time of Chance's passing and come late August of 2007, he became very clingy towards me, didn't want me too far away from him. This was out of character for him as he was fairly aloof. His check-ups at the vet's found nothing wrong with him, but I felt his time was getting near so I started sleeping on the floor to be near him.

My job consists of me having to work 12 hour shifts at night, and on the morning of September 19th, which was Buddy's birthday, I came home from work and he didn't greet me. Since Rocky had gone deaf, at first I didn't think anything about him not meeting me at the door. It usually took him a little while to realize I was there, but I just had a feeling. When I found him I thought at first he was sleeping, until I went to pet him and realized he was gone. He was laying near the spot where Chance had died.

My poor Rockefeller had passed away in his sleep just a few days short of his 13th birthday. I was devasted that he had to die alone. Another piece of my heart died that day. I called my husband and he came home and took him away to be cremated and placed in the cabinet with Buddy, Joker, and Chance.

Final Resting Place

And how I still miss them, but now my Chancellor and Rockefeller are together again forever at the Rainbow Bridge.

Together Forever

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