Here I would like to introduce Ashley-Brown's HiFiven Joker.

How cute am I ???

Joker came to me by way of a pet store. I was looking one day for Hermit crab food and here was this handsome boy staring back at me from those dreadful cages and I was totally taken in by him. He was simply irresistible and I just had to have him. Buddy had just been diagnosed with cancer and I just knew this little fuzz-butt would help us with the transition. Joker is a mahogany red with a black mask. Absolutely adorable!!! I called my husband to come meet me at the store and after a small discussion we had our new baby boy!!!

The minute Joker came home, he was immediately in awe of Buddy. Now Buddy always loved puppies and would not hurt them for anything. When he had enough he would let them know with a paw and a small growl. After Joker figured out who was alpha he went on his merry way----straight for the water bowls!!! Here I had Buddy who wouldn't even think of getting one hair on his body wet and now here is this little bundle of fur digging in his water bowl!! Buddy, needless to say, was appalled and I was flabbergasted! In my mind I was thinking all chows were like my Buddy, boy was I in for a surprise!!!

Water is cool

 Joker was so full of energy that once he wound down enough to stop he would instantly fall asleep wherever his little head lay. Here he is sound asleep with his head in the food bowl.

Food makes a nice pillow

Buddy and Joker always got along well together. Buddy was very generous and polite and never minded sharing his meal with Joker!

Food Pals

Obedience is a big part of our lives. I put Joker in puppy kindergarten in preparation for more training later on. He was very independent and stubborn and I truly believe we probably scored the lowest during graduation, but we passed and I was so proud of my boy!!! It was a lot of hard work because being as independent as he was, I had to work a lot harder to accomplish the tasks then the rest of the class did. But my firmness and being consistent paid off.

Joker and Carla


Happy Graduate

I did with Joker as I did with Buddy, I took him everywhere!!! Here we are on Padre Island in Texas enjoying the surf!!!

Beach Bums

Joker grew into a big 72 pound beautiful chow-boy but he never got over his habit of standing in and wearing his drinking water!! I was forever after him with a towel!!

Water Chow 1

Get that towel away from me!

Joker was there when I had to finally let Buddy go and I will forever be grateful to him for that, for without him I don't think I could have ever found the strength to do it. I thought my life was going to be okay, as I had my Jokie-butt to come home to. Sadly one day while I was out of state, I got a call from my husband telling me Joker was gone. He had busted through the corner of the fence and apparently got out on the road that runs by the house with a speed limit of 70 mph and was hit. I was absolutely devastated. I did not want to go back home to a chowless house. It was the hardest drive I have ever made in my life. I have since regretted not taking enough pictures of Joker as I thought he would be with me for many years to come. So take my advice and keep that camera handy at all times!!!! Joker was only 14 months old when his life ended prematurely. Don't let this happen to you!!! Check those fences and fix any weakened areas there may be!! Prevention is the key word here!!!


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