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Puppy Storm

At this time my husband was transferred to Virginia with the Navy and took Jo with him. Here I was for the first time in many years, chowless. Now I knew what it was like to feel the "empty nest" syndrome.

In December of 2007, a friend mentioned there were Chow puppies in the paper for sale. I had been looking into another adult Chow rescue possibly, as I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with "puppy" syndrome in the middle of the awful winters here (well, to me they are!) But the lure of puppy breath was too strong to ignore and knowing there is no other type of puppies as cute as chow puppies, I decided to make the call.

When I got there there were six puppies left to choose from, but only Black and Creams. I have only had Reds and Cinnamons, so wasn't sure I would be coming home with a puppy or not. toPuppy Storm 7ld myself the color should not matter and so I decided to give them a chance. Five of the puppies ran up to me and greeted me with open paws, so to speak.

I noticed one black puppy had himself plastered up against the side of the house refusing to come near anyone, even the owners. I inquired about the shy one and the owner literally had to sneak up on this pup to catch him. I was a little worried about this, especially since the owner told me they did not socialize the puppies nor handle them as they didn't want the puppies to "become attached to them". Like I said, this worried me. Chance was an extremely shy Chow, and even after all the socializing he got, he never came out of it. I figured if I chose this little guy I would have my work cut out for me again. But once I had him in my arms, my decision was made. He was coming home with me! I was worried he might get placed with a family that would not understand him and I couldn't bear the thought of him not being treated the way he deserved.

Holding him in my arms I already had his name formed. So now I would like to introduce "Carla's Calm Before the Storm", Storm in snow"Storm" for short but also lovingly known as my Rag-A-Muffin.

Luckily for both of us he outgrew/overcame his shyness pretty much on his own, since where I live there isn't a kennel club close by for us to join.

I took Storm everywhere to socialize him. We would have puppy play days in my back yard with friends' dogs. He gets along well with others and enjoys terrorizing the Greyhound. Since Jo's a retired racer, he never learned how to be a dog, but with Storm around he quickly learned how to run and play and well, just be a dog.

We are huge NASCAR fans and travel to several races a year in our fifth wheel. I do believe my Rag-A-Muffin is a Carl Edwards fan like me. He really enjoys all the walks through the campgrounds, meeting all types of people and dogs along the way.



Storm and Moe

Here he is with Moe, a little Pom Pom he met in Darlington, then again in Charlotte and Dover.



He also met Ernie the Saint Bernard who camps behind us at Dover.

For a Chow he loves the water and has no qualms about getting all messy, but I think the part he likes the best is when I give him a full body rub down with a towel to dry him off when he comes in.

We don't know how much longer we will be living in Maryland and finally getting to go back down south, which I can't wait to do.

So for now Storm is just allowed to be himself and enjoy life as he sees fit to do. My heart is full again with him here with me.

Snow flying

Snow Roll


Taking a breather

Storm was born on Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. Here he is posed for pics and, no, I did not take him out in public like this.

Storm at Halloween

As a growing pup he still enjoyed his milk!

Got Milk?

Here he is at Anne Marie's Garden

Halloween Birthday Boy


Ho, Ho, Ho!

. . . and then at Christmas!

And of course he loves the snow. . .


Snow profile

Look!! I have my own panda bear!

Braving the Storm


So for now we are just enjoying our lives together!

Thanks for visiting!

Carla & Storm
April 2010


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